It's finally happening!

The Seed will be receiving the 1.16.1 Nether Update on Saturday, August 15th.

Here is what will be happening:

ā€¢ ALL Nether and End worlds will be reset and updated (OVERWORLD WILL NOT)
ā€¢ New Spawn!
ā€¢ McMMO will be removed and replaced with Seed Skills (this will either happen on the same day as the update or a little later)
ā€¢ Skills XP boosts will be distributed based on your McMMO Power Level before McMMO is removed


This is something we have been working very hard on for quite some time now. We believe that McMMO brings far too much content that most players don't even know about or care about. Our Skills system will be very simple, more rewarding, and more fun to grind than McMMO is. We will have a full wiki page soon, but enjoy these sneak peaks for now!

We will be providing more specific information about this update as the release date approaches. Stay tuned!