🌱 How to Join 🌱

Interested in joining The Seed but not quite sure how? Follow these instructions and you'll be online in no time!

To get started, you'll need a Minecraft: Java Edition account. If you don't have a Java Edition account, you'll need to purchase one here. You should also copy the IP to our server: theseedmc.com

Step One:

Open Minecraft on version 1.20.4. We always support the latest version, although we may only have features from an older version. Presently, we support Minecraft client v1.20.4+.

Step Two:

Once you've got your game opened up on the home screen, head on over to the Multiplayer server list. It may ask you to accept being shown user-generated content, like chat messages. This is necessary to play multiplayer.

Step Three:

Create a new server in your list with the following settings.

Step Four:

Double-click the server in your list. Once you've connected successfully, select a realm of the three.