1. Do not cheat.

Cheating can be defined as, but is not limited to the following:

  • X-ray (including texture packs)
  • Hacking
  • Abusing exploits
  • Alt abuse (see rule #19)
  • Chat spam (character and repeat messages) should be handled by the chat filter. Attempting to bypass this is not allowed.
  • Advertising: this includes other MC servers as well as personal Discord servers etc. Advertising your twitch stream is fine as long as you are currently playing on The Seed, and you limit your in-game ads to 1 per 5 minutes.
  • Avoid posting shortened links in chat, and keep any links appropriate.

3. Do not Grief. Raiding is fair in unclaimed land. Do not abuse claim trust.

  • Grief: the unauthorized destruction or alteration of other's property is not permitted, in both claimed and unclaimed land.
  • Raiding: taking of items in chests and or storage, is permitted in unclaimed land only. (excludes armor stands, item frames, and jukeboxes)
  • Claim trust abuse: taking items or blocks in a trusted claim where you have no explicit permission from the claim owner to do so. Having trust in a claim does not permit you to take items.
  • Bypassing both claim and chest shop protections is prohibited.

4. No bypassing PvP protection plugins.

Do not PVP without both parties consenting. TP killing, kill warps, traps, etc. are not permitted.

5. No scamming.

Do not intentionally scam other players. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Breaking an agreement regarding items sold/traded.
  • Rigging minigames or casinos to never win.
  • Selling an item disguised as another legitimate item. (re-names are fine unless that item actually exists, Legends items for example)

6. Afk farms aren't allowed, but auto farms are.

  • Afk farm: any farm that requires a user input while that user is afk. An example is an afk fish farm.
  • Auto farm: any farm that can run passively without a user input. An example of this is an automated melon farm.
  • Macros, afk pools, and other tools to attempt to bypass the afk timer are not allowed.

7. No inappropriate names, skins, builds, or chat.

Any names (IGN, nickname, tool name, or pet name) or other inappropriate behavior or text is not permitted.

8. Do not claim or build directly next to others claims or builds, and do not claim over other player's builds.

Claiming too close to another base, without permission, will result in your base being removed. Please consider a rough figure of 100+ blocks as a safe distance to build (this distance is not exact, and is up to staff interpretation).

9. Do not discuss real world, current politics, or illicit drugs in open channels.

Please utilize private messages or parties to discuss these topics.

10. Predatory behavior will not be tolerated.

This is self explanatory.

11. Do not harass other players.

Harassment can be identified as, but is not limited to the following:

  • Consistent unsolicited messaging (in-game, private messages, mail).
  • Unsolicited advertisements for items (in-game, private messages, mail) use trade chat.
  • Tp request spam.
  • Refusing to leave a build or claim.
  • Targeted profanity.

12. Do not share personal information in public chats.

While we discourage the sharing of personal information in general, if you insist on doing so, please keep it in private messages.

  • Twitter, streaming platforms, and generic personal information is allowed. Do not share information about other people without their consent.

Consent can be requested from the artist, and offered in the form of a signed book. Selling another player's map art without consent is not permitted.

14. Staff impersonation is not permitted.

Examples of this are changing your nickname or claiming in chat to be staff.

15. Do not falsely report players.

Please refrain from filing joke or slanderous reports on other players as this wastes staff's time and hurts others.

16. Ban evasion is not permitted.

Ban evasion is using an alt account to log in to the server to bypass an existing ban on another account.

17. Town rules do not override server rules.

Server rules will always be applied to town members and owners, regardless of the individual rules that town might have. Staff also does not enforce town rules, and will only step in to enforce server rules, or to approve claim/build removals in certain circumstances.

18. Do not circumvent the chat filter.

You can adjust what is filtered in your chat with /chatfilter. If what you say is still being censored at the slurs level, it is not acceptable under any circumstance. Deliberately working around the chat filter will result in an immediate mute.

19. Do not abuse alternative accounts.

Alt abuse can be defined as, but is not limited to:

  • Mass usage of alts to generate vote rewards.
  • Keeping chunks loaded at farms or grinders etc.
  • Looting the contents of accounts that do not belong to you (leaked accounts).
  • Using alts to bypass the job/quest cooldowns.

20. Lava casting, lava/water structures, or purposefully destroying unclaimed land with similar means is not allowed.

This is a destructive practice that is only allowed if you own the land in question, it is being used as a part of a larger build (the lava cast is not the build itself), and the lava, water, or cobble/blocks are not creating a trap or keeping players from escaping.

21. The advertising of in game assets for IRLC is strictly prohibited in both public chats in game, and in our discord channels. Any external trading should be done at your own risk, and with the understanding that we cannot assist you.

See rule 11 for additional info: dming users unsolicited to bypass this is not allowed.